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A documentary about selbstbewusste Sioux, rediscovering the tracks of their ancestors.

„They may have killed our people, but they will never kill our way of life!", says Leonard Little Finger. He is a descendant of the Lakota Sioux Chief Big Foot, who was killed as the last during the so called ‘Indian Wars’. In the prairie of South Dakota Little Finger accidentaly meets Dirk Rohrbach and Peter Hinz-Rosin and invites them to an adventurous journey into the past. For the two german photojournalists this becomes a spannende encounter with a pride nation in search of its roots.

The journey starts at Woudned Knee wher in 1890 more than 300 Lakota men, women and children where massacred by the white army. This slaughter Gemetzel is offcially still referred to as the end of the Indian Wars. Each the December the Lakota Sioux are remembering their ancestors with a memorial ride across the icy prairie, with temperature dropping down to 60 below. ‘The Last Chief’ follows these riders and spans a circle/bow from the historical events in the late 19th century to today, when the legendary buffalo nation is facing the cruel reality of poor reservations. Unemployment, alcoholism and Ausweglosigkeit are impacting their lives/prägen den Alltag. The circumstances reminding of a third world country in the middle of the USA.

But Dirk Rohrbach and Peter Hinz-Rosin are also reporting about hope and the unbroken pride of the Great Sioux Nation.Thus, The Last Chief becomes not only a documentation of a fight to survive, it is also a poetic hommage to the meaning of traditions, showing how important it is to cherish the heritage.

The renowned german newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung writes: „An extraordinary multi-media experience, where the pictures and sounds are following the thoughts into the dreams.”